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PRE-ORDER • The Adventures of Ketz & Giselle

PRE-ORDER • The Adventures of Ketz & Giselle

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Open the door to fun, compassion, and curiosity with "The Adventures of Ketz & Giselle" as children embark on an adventure that transcends the ordinary. This book fosters a deep understanding of the generations that have come before, through a heartwarming tale of a grandmother and granddaughter's adventurous quest for quality time and lasting memories together. The narrative delicately weaves together stories of resilience, scientific wonders, and the cultural tapestry of Paris, creating an enriching experience for young minds. Through vibrant illustrations and accessible language, this book invites children to explore, learn, and empathize with the world around them, making it a cherished addition to any family's library. 

  • 8x6" hardcover book
  • Please note this is a pre order, the book will ship out within 2-4 weeks.

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